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Our family is so grateful for what our kids got out of Flint Hill. It inspires me to want to give back because I am so grateful. It’s simply a matter of gratitude. I think especially in today’s world it’s so important that there’s a place that directly and consciously talks about core values and focuses on positive relationships.
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Donor Spotlight:
Ed and Sharri Dean, P '15, '19, '27

“We're building [the new Middle School] to serve a purpose and to solve a need.”

“We're building [the new Middle School] to serve a purpose and to solve a need.”

Ed and Sharri Dean recognize the fundamental purpose behind Momentum — our Lower and Middle School students simply need more space. Ed says, “I think while we do a great job with the space that we have, the [Lower and Middle Schools are] overcrowded. There's some things we'd like to have a little more space for.”

This perspective comes from experience — the Deans are deeply connected to the Flint Hill community. They are the parents of Eddie ’15, Lauren, ’19 and Grace ’27, and Ed currently serves on Flint Hill’s Board of Trustees, a role that gives him a unique perspective on the life of the School. The Dean family first came to Flint Hill when Eddie was in Middle School; Lauren, a senior, and Grace, a fourth-grader, both started in the Lower School.

As longtime supporters of the Annual Fund, the Deans felt compelled to give generously to the Momentum campaign because of their commitment to the School and the ways their children have thrived since joining the community. Currently attending Virginia Tech, Eddie is preparing for an engineering internship with Lockheed Martin in Denver. Lauren will join Eddie at Virginia Tech through its Pamplin College of Business in the fall and Grace will enter Fifth Grade next year. Ed says, “Our financial commitment is derived from the results [I’ve seen] and the impact on my kids and the opportunities that it's presenting for them versus where I think they'd be without Flint Hill.”

The Deans also believe in the power of considering a gift’s broader impact. When asked about encouraging others to give, Ed notes, “My encouragement would be to listen and look at what this impact could possibly have for [your] child, and the possibility of having a separate seventh- and eighth-grade campus, and having a refresh in the Lower School that will give people more space, more room, and more opportunity to learn in a different way.”

Donor Spotlight: Connor ‘32


Great campaigns are about great people.

Flint Hill parents and teachers work to instill our core values in Huskies of all ages.

On a recent Saturday, a Flint Hill mom heard what sounded like coins jingling in the next room. When she walked in to see what was happening, she saw her son, Connor, neatly stacking his coins and bills as he counted his piggy bank treasure.

When she asked him to explain what he was doing, this junior kindergartner matter-of-factly explained, “I’m giving my money to the new building.” Still curious about what she was witnessing, his mother pressed further, and Connor repeated, “I want to help build the new building at school.”

The following school day, Connor visited the Advancement Office and met with Director of Institutional Advancement Meredith VanDuyne. He proudly delivered his sandwich bag filled with coins and a crumpled bill. The smile on his young face filled the room and he beamed with excitement when asked if he’d like to change the numbers on the sign that displays the community’s progress toward our $20,000,000 goal.

Meredith says, “At the heart of who we are and what we do is the hope that we will inspire young people to use their talents to change the world. We are so proud of Connor. His compassionate act of giving is a powerful tribute to our core values.”

Til Hazel — Founding Chairman Emeritus / Grandparent ‘99, ’01, ‘07, ‘09

Virtual Donor Wall

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We deeply value and appreciate the support from the following members of our Flint Hill community who have made campaign commitments:

Anonymous (7)
Ms. Carah P. Abod '14
Ms. Michelle A. Abt '15
The Abt Family P'13,'15
Dr. Raad Alkadiri and Dr. Jennipher A. Rosecrans P'24, '26
General John R. Allen, USMC (Ret.) '71
Mr. Kyle S. Amey '06
Philios Angelides and Theresa Hearn P'06, '27, PH'11
Marcie and Gregory Arnold P'17
Mr. and Mrs. George Atalla P'18, '25
The Balkissoon Family P'28, '29, '30
Christopher and Kelly Ball P'25
Ms. Emma V. Barnes P'24, '25
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Batbouta P'31
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bates '74
Barbara and Jeff Benoit
Susan Biggs P'15, '17, Cassandra Biggs '15 and William Biggs '17
The Bishop Family P'19, '21, '26
The Bogle Family P'23
The Bowles Family P'22, '22
The Bowman Family P'28, '30, '31, '32
Miss Chloë M. Brafman Kittner '26
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Brooks
Kyle and Angela Brown P'32
Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Brown P'25, '28
Mr. Emerson J. Brown '32
The Brugnoli Whipkey Family P'29
Lucy and Fred Brust P'23, '25, '25
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Burns Jr. P'25
Ms. Mia Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Byrnes P'14, '18
Mr. Howard W. Chang
Mr. and Mrs. Chen P'25
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor O. Chess P'13, '14, '18, '21
Isabelle Dikland and Amy Clement P'27, '30
The Coe Family P'18, '22
Mr. Douglas C. Cooney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Copeland P'09, '10
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Corkery P'16, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Otis D. Coston Jr. GP'07, '20
Kathryn Campbell and James Crowley P'07, '15
Mr. H. Ed and Mrs. Sharri L. Dean III P'15, '19, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. DeBolt GP '19
Mrs. Sherry V. Doerfler
Jay and Lisa Donegan P'13
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dowd GP '12
Chris Dunn and Terri Edillon P'24, '27
eBay Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Effley P'18, '25
Katie and Gareth Evans P'27, '32
Mr. Connor A. Evans '32
Fannie Mae Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Fouty P'16, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Frank Jr. P'21, '25
Dr. and Mrs. Jarrod T. Fraser P'20
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frontin P'31, '31
Ms. Jin Xu and Mr. Linchun Gao P'21
Jeffrey and Alissa Garcia P'32
The Genieser Family P'24
Satinder Gill and Rupinder Randhawa P'25
Mrs. Robin M. Goldstein and Family
Ronald and Sandra Gove GP'30
Heather and Jason Gray P'27, '30
Tom Greiner and Rachel Howell P'30
Ms. Betty Jo Grubb GP'24, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Guney P'16, '22
Mr. Da Hai and Ms. Lingyan Ma P'20
The Haksar Family P'26
John and Sheena Hall P'04
Mr. Omar Fekeiki and Mrs. Ban Hameed P'30
Mr. Gregory C. Harris '15
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hazel P'07, '09
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hazel Jr. GP '99, '01, '07, '09
The Heller Family P'19
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hemmer P'23
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hendrix P'13, '16, '20, '20
The Henry Family P'23, '25
The Henry Foundation, Inc.
Hewlett Packard Giving Program
Jim and Kellie Hock P'23
Mr. Gregory C. Holloway
Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP
Nina Wurster and Brett Jackson P'24, '27
Mr. and Mrs. Eckart Kade GP '25, '28
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Kane
Sharon and Vincent Keegan P'18, '20
The Keith Family P'24
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Kennedy P'14, '17, '21, '23
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kennedy P'24
Mr. Daehaeng Kim and Ms. Seojeong Park P'26
Christine Kitzmiller and Ed Murphy
The Knicely Family P'32
Mardy Lynn Kramer '19
Nixon Lynn Kramer '19
CAPT and Mrs. Theodore R. Kramer Jr., USN (Ret.) GP'19, '19
CDR and Mrs. Theodore R. Kramer III, USN (Ret.) P'19, '19
Mr. John M. Kudless
The Kyra Macy Foundation Inc.
Mr. Brian Lamont
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Landwehr Jr. P'22, '27
Julie and Theodore Lewis
Sam and Lisa Lisker P'15, '16
The Campbell-Lotspeich Family P'21
Luanne Pavco and Lance Luttschwager P'21, '24
Lee Lynch P'18
The Lynn Family P'32
Mr. Mike MacGuidwin '09 and Dr. Alexandria Panuccio
The Magner Family P'16, '19
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marske P'09, '12
Mr. and Mrs. D. Sean McBride P'16, '20
The McCray Family P H'18, '21
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron A. McDade P'22, '25, '27
Mr. Francis A. McDermott P'98
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Mendler P'16, '22
Josh and Susie Metz P'15, '22
Microsoft Corporation
Dave and Polly Middleton P'15, '18
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Miller GP'18, '25
Dr. and Mrs. Tim and Elizabeth Mitchell
Wendy and Norris Mitchell
Mitchell Foundation
Bridget and Bobby Montagne P'12, '15
The Moxley Family Foundation P'16, '18, '21
Jenelle and Gerald Mrykalo
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Murphy P'22, '24
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Murray P'17
Joe Musella and Jennifer Mink P'25, '27
Marci and Terry Nelson P'12, '19, '21
The North Family P'31
Michelle and Marcus Odell
Liz Gavin Pao and Terry Pao P'23, '25
Mrs. Diana C. Parente and Mr. Adam Lustig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Parham Jr. P'27, '31
The Parry Family P'32
Jody and Dick Patrick P'10, '12
Ms. Sylvia L. Pearson P'19
Laurie and Mark Pedry P'16, '27
Peterson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Milton V. Peterson GP'07, '09, '09, '10, '10, '13, '14, '15
Ms. Lauren E. Peterson P'07, '09
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Peterson P'10, '13, '15
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Peterson P'09, '10, '14
Scott and Lori Pohlman P'23
Adam and Sarah Randall P'25, '26. '29, '29
Daphne and Gary Rappaport  P'09, '17
The Reed Family
Karl and Liza Renner P'20, '21
Mr. John Harrell Rentz
Adam and Amy Robinson P'26, '28
The Rupli Family P'18, '21, '22, '23
Ms. Emily Sanderson
Anne and Kurt Scherer P'16, '18, '20
Mr. Wayne E. Schink GP'28
Doug Schoemer
The Schoeneman Family P'28
The Seegers Family P'21, '22, '23
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sharper GP'32
Marjorie and Gary Smilowitz
Mr. David P. Smith
The Snyder Family P'30
Jeanne Specchio Bierkan P'13, '15
Mr. Robert M. Spencer Redding '09
Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Stafford Sr. GP '17, '23, '26, '26
The Starnes Family P'21, '24
Matt and Kathleen Strottman P'26, '29, '32
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sullivan Jr. P'21
Mr. and Mrs. Farid Talaksi P'15, '17, '19
Mr. Hugh E. Taylor and Mrs. Tana G. McNeil-Taylor P'16, '18
Emily and John Thomas
Ms. Julie A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. James Triantos P'22
Miss Lucia Anna Trigiani
Ms. Ellen V. Turner '01
Meredith and Mark VanDuyne P'25
Dr. Rachna Vanjani '01
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg C. VanOrden P'16
Mr. William G. VanOrden '16
Ms. Melissa A. Vaughan P'23, '30
Samuel and Leyden Velasquez P'18, '24
Verizon Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gill H. Waller P'18
Sandra and Joseph H. Walsh GP'27, '30, '32
Mr. Xiaoming Wang and Mrs. Hongman Mu P'25
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wasson P'20, '22
Emily, Heath and Cole '29 Weems
Nora Heffernan and Eric Weinberg P'26
Mr. and Mrs. David White P'27
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Whitney
Jennifer and Dave Wiley P'14, '16, '19
The Winans Family P'23
Jill and Marc Wishkoff P'24, '27
Douglas H. Wood and Rebecca K. Wood P'27, '30
Dr. Yan Xue
Mr. Jian Yang and Mrs. Jie Bian P'24, '29
Abbas and Pamela Yazdani GP'32
Mr. and Mrs. Ali Ziamanesh P'23

UPDATED April 17, 2019

The Peterson family made a historic $10,000,000 gift in support of Momentum