First Person:

An Alumnus on Why He Supports Momentum
Connor Chess ’13


I am a proud alum who was recently reminded of how amazing our community is. I hope this gets your inner Husky going!

Since graduation, I’ve done a lot of living, as we all have. I went on to study Spanish and International Relations at Washington and Lee University. I had the opportunity to continue playing football. I have had the incredible privilege to travel to different parts of the world. It’s been a whirlwind and an amazing six years since graduation. But all of the life experiences that I’ve had, all of the new relationships that I’ve made, all of the exotic places I’ve been able to visit have all taken me away from Flint Hill. I am now currently living and working in Los Angeles, California, so the distance is still very present.

But this past President’s Day weekend, I was reminded just how special this school is and how thankful I am to be a part of this community. Some good friends from my graduating class reached out to invite me and a group of 10 friends to visit them in Colorado for a ski weekend. One by one the confirmations came in and the trip became a reality. The excitement grew as the date got closer. I was a little nervous to see a lot of this group because it had been so long since we last saw each other. It had been a long time since we even talked. But nonetheless, the date arrived, we all boarded our flights across the country and headed for Denver.

At the first sight of some estranged but familiar, friendly faces we all fell right back to where we left off Senior year. It was such a great experience to get to see these people who meant and mean so much to me after such a long time. And there was so much to talk about! Hearing about what everyone had been up to since we last saw one another was really incredible. Some amazing successes, wild adventures, and a lot of funny stories. Getting nostalgic and reminiscing over our time spent at Flint Hill was the cherry on top of the weekend. I was all smiles the whole weekend and left feeling so happy to have gotten to see such great friends.

This little reunion reminded me how strong of a bond Flint Hill gave us. This school is built on a strong and nurturing community. And the bonds with the people I shared my experience with there are still as strong as ever because of it. Even with distance and time separating us, we still have our time at Flint Hill that brings us together. And seeing each other, catching up over old times, it was like nothing had changed. It is great to get to come back to people that you have such a strong base of friendship with. And Flint Hill is a huge part of what has facilitated that bond. It a truly unique community, full of amazing, friendly, smart, loving, fun, spirited people who truly care about one another. It will always be a fundamental part of our foundation as people and as friends.

It’s been a treat to get to come back to campus for sporting events and graduations, to catch up with old coaches and teachers, and feel right back at home. There’s a wonderful mix of new and old that keeps me connected to the School but also excited for its future. There are still a number of faculty members that I had the pleasure of learning from during my time at FH. The students, well, the students look a little smaller than I remember being. And the sports teams perform a little better than we ever did. But, overall it's still the amazing Flint Hill that I know and love.

Learning of the Momentum campaign gets me excited for the future of the School. It continues growing and thriving and building more amazing relationships. And I will continue to support it on its path forward. Let’s all be supporters of this campaign and give back to the amazing place that gave so much to us.