5 for 5

Would you consider making a “5 for 5” pledge to ensure Flint Hill can begin construction on the new Middle School before the end of this school year?

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Q. So what’s “5 for 5?”

It refers to making a gift of $5,000+ for 5 years for a total of $25,000+

Q. How does that work?

Good news — it’s very easy! There are only two steps:

Step 1 - Determine the total amount you’d like to give.

Step 2 - Determine how you’d like to pay your pledge.

Option 1 - You can “set it and forget it.”

Meaning, you can make a monthly gift charged to your credit or debit card. It takes just a minute to set up, and then your card will automatically be charged each month. To use that option, click here.

Option 2 - You can make periodic (quarterly, annual) payments based on the schedule that works best for you.

The payment method can be whatever works best for you at that time — credit card, check or stock.

If you prefer this option, click here to print the form. After completing it, simply scan and email it to Director of Institutional Advancement Meredith VanDuyne mvanduyne@flinthill.org or mail to:

Meredith VanDuyne
Advancement Office
Flint Hill School
3320 Jermantown Road
Oakton, VA 22124

Once your form is received, Headmaster John Thomas will sign it and you’ll be mailed a copy for your records. The School will send you reminders based on the payment schedule you selected.

Next, your family will be added to the Virtual Wall of Donors.

If you selected a gift of $50,000 or more, a member of the advancement team will contact you to learn if your family would be interested in a Naming Opportunity.

Q. What timeframe do you mean by 5 years?

The 5-year time period ends in December 2023.

Q. I’ve got other upcoming obligations and can’t do 5 equal payments over 5 years. What can I do?

We recognize this is an exciting, but bold, campaign fundraising timeline to try to reach $20,000,000 by mid-April. Since the goal was just announced in January, we understand you may not have factored a Flint Hill campaign gift into your upcoming financial plans. We’re offering an extended and flexible timeline so that every family who wants to make a leadership gift has the option to participate. If you’d like to make equal payments over the full 5 years or prefer to make larger payments in later years, that’s okay. Select the approach that works best for your family.

Q. I need more help. What should I do?

Just contact Director of Institutional Advancement Meredith VanDuyne at mvanduyne@flinthill.org or 703.584.2351.